Do your lover really love you from the bottom of his/her heart?

Do you have any problem in the following points?
Does she have boyfriend or not?
What is his/her attitude toward me?
Does he/she have somone in love?
He is very busy recently. Is he busy for working or for dating with girls?
Does he still love me?
Are we still have any possible?

We love a person and think that happiness will last forever. Therefore, we give what we have, always compromise, and forgive each other all the time. We always think that they will understand and appreciate for what we do One day.  And they will back and treat us like we are the apple of the if eyes.

Sometimes the lover’s attitude change and become indifferent. Except for the reasons, maybe his/her parents don’t like you or he/she has other person. It might be a hint to you that he/she wants to break up with you, for example, I need some place, I need a break…etc.

Sometimes we need to know the truth instead of believing the fake smile and stupid lies to pretend that we are happy in this relationship. Perhaps the other person is upset, embarrassed, or cheating?
There said falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard.

This method is in particular that the master is able to sense through his heart, and through cultivation, through time and space, spiritual possessions to perceive the psychological changes of the others and what is thinking, attitude towards us. . . etc.

Do your lover really love you from the bottom of his/her heart?

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