Love spell—cross-culture relationship of heart-locked spell

Ex, heart-locked, cut off love, long-distance relationship
The main feature of the love spell is that, a tailor-made ritual for a separate couple from two countries, not for two separate in Taiwan.

Because there is a lot of customers of us are mix couple. Taiwan and United States, or Taiwan and Australia, or Africa and Switzerland. . .etc..
Most couples have to leave for other countries because of their job. As a result, couples stay away from each other and do not know their lover if they will have other lover?
Talking on the phone getting fewer and fewer, LINE’s message was originally read once a half day, then later once a day, and later it has never been read back.
This ritual is mainly to enforce to cut off his opposite sex, the luck with the opposite sex  and to remind him that when seeing any opposite sex will think of our face.
When you are free, think of each other as many times as possible.
In particular, the other will not be indifferent because of the distance, the passion between us will not fade away, and they would like to hear our voice all the time. The longer the distance is, the more we will love each other.
If you have any question welcome to discuss with us.
Love spell---cross-culture relationship of heart-locked spell