Marriage-locked great spell, multiple ritual

Ex, Cut off affair, marriage heart-locked spell,healthy,wealthy, Warding off disasters and evils

This is multiple spells for 5 luck,and it’s a big ritual which cost is pretty high.
It’s not for a set but one plus one and on to enforce it’s power. Thus this ritual is interaction.
The marriage dharma Realm is aimed at home and work place has far-reaching effects on people and pet in it.  Absorb the power of stars and welcome god of wealth to descend to the world to promote wealthy. To cast spell and heart-locked spell to people who live in here to make a good connection of relationship, not only for each other but for multiaspect. And to achieve the biggest effect for the return of the energy.
Therefore, buildig a scope to repelling demons and eliminating disasters. No matter to the evil spirits or feng shui and any weird atmosphere, part of it will turn into positive energy. And make marriage, wealth, children health being prospering with each passing day.
And another part of it will repel evil and ominous atmosphere, weasels. Turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. Through casting marriage-locked spell to cut off all possible for any affair.
Any way is to make the love of both sides, can have a happiness and lasting love forever.
Marriage-locked great spell, multiple ritual