(Ritual )May-December love—unacceptable love

Seeing him, she becomes very humble , but love in her heart, then open to dust
~~by Eileen Chang

As the following :

Letter from a net pal:
Hello Chen, I have graduated from university for two years and have been working in this company. I like one of my colleagues. She is 13 years older than me. I am 24 years old and she is 37 years old.

When I was in college, I had a girlfriend. The graduation season was the season of breaking up. I was sad to catch up. After breaking up, my mood was very bad. She helped me a lot on work. She always comfort me and by my side. Gradually , I recover from the difficult time and my mood was much better. She was very kind to me in working place and taking care of my daily life. At first, I regard her as an elder sister and I learned that she was divorced with her husband.  They lived apart for a long time and her husband cheated on their marriage.  They have an 11-year-old child who raises by her husband.

At the beginning, we were just colleagues and we got along well. We often went out and went on business. When my rented house expired, the landlord took back the house. Because I was busy at work and had no time to look for a new house. I used to complained about the rental to her at work. Therefore, she offered to move to her house. She had been alone since her divorce. The house has 3 bedrooms. And I pay for the rent at will.

Due to our good relationship, I move in her house. And she treats me nicely, she will prepare breakfast for me to work and dinner when I go home. She took good care of my daily life. No matter on work or in private. Day by day, I rely on her very much. I like to be with her. We went shopping and watched movie, went for dinner as often. Actually, we have a great time.

On this Valentine’s day we were further developed. That day, she cooked at home and we had dinner with red wine. We almost finished a bottle of wine. After showering, we sit on sofa and watching Tv together. She is really beautiful at the moment. I sat beside her and did not know why, I felt blush and my heart wen crazy. I touch her legs but she did not rebel. Then our first time happened on the sofa … After that everything is so natural, we are co-worker at work but like husband and wife at home. I found that I love her and wanna rely on her. I care everything about her and I start to learn how to love and take good care of her.

My parents asked me to go home and work there by the end of the year. I don’t want to take apart with her so I don’t agree. They arranged blind date for me several times. I refused to the all. I did not conceal anything from her. She never asked and had no opinion about those.

Master Chen, do you think she and I are possible? I asked her but she said nothing. She was nice to me as usual. She didn’t spend my money or take amy from me.

I even don’t know what is she thinking about me. What should I do? I search on net for a long time. I trust in you and take courage to send you this mail. I hope Master Chen could give me good advice.

This is a successful case in early 2017. It is also a very troublesome case. Usually we will make both have more consistent goals for the future, including how to live and get along in the future. We have some practical experience case about may-december love. We will aim at the key points to influence on every impossible.
And for each couples, we have different methods to solve thorny issues.
(Ritual )May-December love—unacceptable love