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Although this is a case about divorce rritual, cut off the bad romance but we have to consider wether to divorce or not.
Can the two people think of ways to live together? It’s been so long to overcome this hard time. If there is no way and chance to live together then divorce is the only way.

First, we have to try our best to explain to our parents because they are too conservative and traditional to understand what we really think in our mind.And the days feel like years to live in such marriage.
We just can try our best to solve this problem and according to present situation to see if there is any breakthrough.

Worse comes to wost, we can take legal action but don’t wash your dirty linen in public. It’s really shame to go to such depths.
Tai Shang Buddha here offers a ritual to allow him/her to file for divorce. Of course, if there is a problem with the property or the child’s ownership, it will be more complicated. However, we possess rich experiences and effective. It will make him/her to file for divorce so that both will not take a passive attitude and start a new life.

To relief both and to solve any problems.